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Shape SSI No. Description Explanation
SSI 811R OVAL RING JOINT These rings are manufactured in accordance with JIP-7S-23, ANSI B16.20 and API 6A used on the ring type joint flanges specified in JPI-7S-15, ASME B16.5, API spec 6A and MSS sp-44.
SSI 813RX APITYPE RX PRESSURE ENEGIZED RING JOINT RX type ring joint gasket is manufactured in accordance with API Spec 6A and ASME B16.20 being used on 6B flangers of API 6A.
SSI 814BX APITYPE BX PRESSURE ENEGIZED RING JOINT BX type ring joint gasket is manufactured in accordance with API Spec 6A and used on 6BX flanges of API Spec 6A.
SSI 815 MODIFIED BRIDGEMAN RING JOINT They are of unique pressure-energized type gaskets.
Bridgeman's "Principle of Unsupported Area" is made used of for the design of these type The gaskets are designed to seal by utilizing pressure loaded on flating head.
SSI 816 DELTA RING JOINT These gaskets are manufactured in accordance with customers' specific designs. No standard size is available.
SSI 817 LENS RING JOINT These styles are of pressure-energized type gaskets.
They have a similar cross section to convex lens and used on flanges having 20 degree cone.
SSI 818 ROUND RING JOINT These gaskets are finished to a round cross section and intended to be used on comparatively small sized joints.
SSI 819 WELD RING GASKET (LIP SEAL GASKET) It is recommended to use weld-ring gaskets for any application where it is absolutely necessary to have a leak proof joint, and also a limited opportunity for disassembling is required. Underlying reasons for this requirement may be cintainment of hazardous materials or the need for a shutdown free operation.
SSI 810 IX SEAL RING The IX Seal-ring are designed and used where the NORSOK CFC(Compact Flange Connetions) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colours in order to distinguish between them. Standard identification NORSOK STANDARD L-005(NCF5).
Special CLAMP SEAL (SEAL RING for CLAMP CONNECTOR) This seal ring is a special type of ring gasket used for clamp connector or clamp lock.
It is dimensioned to fit the specification of the customer and it is coated with each color of PTFE like IX seal.
Special BLIND RING JOINT Blind ring joint gasket is used to block fluid flow in flange or pipe lines. They are made of integral metallic connection type according to the standard of ring joint gasket.
Special ORIFICE RING JOINT SEAL The orifice seals are used primarily for simple and effective differential pressure measurement and fluid flow measurement. It is made of an integral ring of gaskets in the shape of an oval ring joint (811R) or octagonal ring joint (812R) for mounting between ring joint flanges.