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SSI 824 Flat Metal Gaskets (Plug Gasket)


These gaskets are produced from cold rolled metal plate. The effective sealing face of the gasket is machined and polished to perform a satisfactory function as gasket. These gaskets work better when they are installed on the flanges and joints that are finished with v-groove or groove having nubbins on the gasket sealing face.


Upon request.


On pipe flanges to high pressure and high temperature steam process line, joints of heat exchanger, autoclave and valve bonnets.

The Bending plug gasket can obtain better sealing at lower torque than flat type gasket and minimize surface damage by seating stress when unplugged plug.􀀀We recommend the Kammprofile gasket , SSI 820 ,with an expanded graphite sheet attached to the serration metal core to achieve perfect sealing at a torque as low as half that of the flat type plug gasket. Depending on the customer's order, it can be supplied with plug and gasket.